Rice soap


Luxury in rice

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Ready to have your skin looking and feeling luxurious with our homemade rice soap great for face and body

Soap is 60g you will receive two bar of soap with your order.

Do you know the benefits of Rice As soap and skin care product? How does rice soap become beneficial when it comes to treating acne and other skin conditions? rice soap has become popular in ski n care industry due to its health benefits. If you’re one of those who longs for a glowing and fairer skin complexion, rice soap may just be the right skincare product you’re looking for.
Some Benefits of rice soap .

•Rice soap leaves a gentle glow on your skin.

•Rice soap helps even out your skin tone when used regularly.

•Rice soap helps lighten scars and other dark spots.

•Rice soap makes a very good skin moisturizing agent.

•Rice soap seals your skin with good moisture and eliminates excess oil or sebum secretion.

•Rice soap leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple.

•Rice soap cures dark lips when used regularly.

•Rice soap can be used as a toner.

•Rice soap contains no harsh chemical


Ingredients: rice, , Palm kernel Oil,   Water , Fragrance , Coconut oil ,  Sodium hydroxide
Oleic acid  Coconut extract